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Beaver Dam

NC - Rockingham/Caswell/P... > North Carolina > United States > America
June 15, 2014 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

I ride a ZX6R and these roads were exactly what i ws looking for. It has straights and fast curves to keep you on you toes. The roads are good and cops are far an few though I did see a sheriff's car at a gas station.

The roads are mostly clean and since i started early on a weekend hardly any traffic. It would be really pleasant if you start early this route has nice spots to stop and view the lake. It took me about 2 and half hrs to cover the whole trail with a few stops. I started at 7:00AM and was done by 9:30AM.

You can skip the Ebenezer Cruch Road which runs parallel to Glenwood Ave. It is a residential zone with 45 as the limit. I would rate it less than average. The Lead Mine is city road with is nothing great until it leads to Six Forks Road.

I really like the roads once I entered Mt Vernon Church Road leading up to Old Creedmore Road. Decent twists, people and traffic are far and few. I wanted to ride the Beaver Dam Road which was recomended by a friend, but I missed the right and continued on Old Weaver Trail which really opened up. Long clear straights running across the lake where you can gun it. It was a little windy by the lake.

Then I got on to the Beaver Dam road which was really a lot of fun. The road is good, there are some nice curves to entertain you and straights as well. DONT MISS THIS BIT !!! Skip the rest of the map if you need to I wouldn't recomend missing anything though.

The rest of the map is again 2 lane back roads with little traffic to wind up your awesome weekend ride. :) ENJOY

Weekend ride : Raleigh - Fuquay Varina

NC - Rockingham/Caswell/P... > North Carolina > United States > America
June 15, 2014 - 2 star route rating Motorcycle Road2.0

This was the route I took on one summer weekend. I just wanted to ride and chose back roads and it turned out to be rather interesting. Staying in Raleigh I dont find many roads close by and I ride a supersport so long rides are far and few.

The route mapped here is average not too many curves, they are just back roads. Once you enter Holly Springs the traffic is a little high but after a diviation you are on your own. I barely saw a cop or two on the whole ride. After a while you come to Aviator Brewing comapny where you can rest have a cold beer and continue on. Highway 201 just opens up, there were no cops and good two lane roads and you can haul ass. I think i could have gone further but I decided to stop at I40 and returned via the interstate.

To sum it up it's just relaxing back roads and an easy get away from the city traffic. I would rate it Average or slightly less.

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