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CT 8 : Trumbull - Torring

CT - Connecticut > Connecticut > United States > America
January 7, 2011 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.7

This route (RTE 8 in CT, between Shelton and Torrington) features a mostly straight, scenic ride with some medium-speed curves thrown in where it gets more town-like. The road is well maintained and wide, with very few trucks. Midday during the week, the road sees very little traffic. When the road passes through countryside, there are a few 3-4 mile long straight sections which pass through a valley, allowing you to see for miles ahead. You can really bring that sportbikes RPM counter into the red zone for a minute or two, squeezing the last MPH out of it as you go for full tuck. Ass up in the air and chin on the tank, do your best Nicky Hayden as the next sweeping curve approaches. Eyes on the apex, get ready to hang off -- NOT! This is not how we ride on public roads! Keep it on the racetrack and off public highways. We ride carefully and observe speed limits ALWAYS. Anyway, back to the road: The pavement quality is good, considering you e in New England. The police presence is slim to none, but don get any ideas.

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