Around Lake Wateree

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Route Added By : skeep
Date : January 22, 2014
Length : 91 kms / 56.5 miles
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Road Type : Rural
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January 22, 2014 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

What makes this route terrific for South Carolina is that it is rather open in sections and cruise-worthy throughout. The start at Blythewood north to Ridgeway is gentle rolling terrain. Ridgeway is a Revolutionary War town worth seeing with antique stores and a Tea Room with great sandwich lunches worth stopping for at a great price! From Ridgeway to Great Falls is a straight arrow ride where at points you can see to the horizon across pine covered hills. At Great Falls you can gas up and head to the river which feeds Lake Wateree. Stop for photos on the bridge. Head south towards Liberty along winding wooded terrain with lots of shadows, so good for summer rides. Stop at the old Post Office and the cutest Post-Mistress you\'ve ever seen! Then on to the marina and a great view of Lake Wateree. Don\'t turn your nose up at Camden, it is worth a full day\'s stop, but this route side-swipes it and returns on the back roads behind Blythewood, lots of hidden homes and country. At Blythewood, you will find if you gas up at the BP station on route 21 you will save ten cents on the gallon cause only the Locals know they serve residents from Blythewood rather than the Interstate Traffic. A great route that you can thoroughly enjoy in a short few hours.

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