55 : Lom - Gaupne

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Route Added By : Corbico
Date : August 6, 2012
Length : 107 kms / 66.5 miles
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Road Type : Rural
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August 6, 2012 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

On this journey along a route that for centuries has connected Norways east and west, you travel through Northern Europes highest mountain pass, at 1 434 metres above sea level. The Sognefjell road starts in the lush cultural landscape of Bøverdalen valley in the east and runs across the mountain plateau with panoramic views of glaciers and towering mountains before descending through valleys to the inner reaches of the Sognefjord with their tranquil hamlets in the west. The road across the roof of Norway passes not only mountains, but also fjords and valleys and a landscape brimming with cultural heritage sites.

Lom stave church is one of its many highlights. In a former era, this road was the highway from the coast inland. Salt and fish were brought eastwards, while butter, tar and pelts went in the other direction. In those days, the farmers and merchants held company on the journey across the mountain, so as not to be waylaid by highwaymen. Today it is safe to travel here, and the excitement along the road is found in magnificent mountain scenery encountering art and architecture.

National Tourist Route Sognefjellet runs from Lom to Gaupne over a total distance of 108 kilometres.

The mountain crossing is closed in the winter season, and in early May you may see the road lined with banks of snow up to ten metres in height. Sognefjellet


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