British Columbia : Extended Selkirk Loop (USA_TTC CAN1)

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Route Added By : rabbit
Date : March 18, 2017
Length : 800 kms / 497.1 miles
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Road Type : Rural
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March 18, 2017 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

The Best of British Columbian and Northern US natural beauty set to lakes and mountains. This 500 mile extended version of the famous International Selkirk loop starts at Kootenay Bay and can be easily shortened or extended to suit as it passes back near itself several times over the trip. From Kootenay Bay, we take the 3A south, a wonderful and well liked biker road that offers fantastic views and almost continuous twists and turns. One drawback of this great road is that it can be popular in the summer. This leads us down to the National Border where the road becomes the US2 and leads us first into Idaho, then Washington State at Newport, this route follows the river almost all the way from Sandpoint back to the Canadian border and enjoys fantastic nature and views. As well continue north to Nelson on our amazing journey, after Nelson, we again join the 3A for a fantastic section (and another biker favorite) that takes us up nearly to Mount Brennan and across to New Denver where this extended version of the route takes in more local biking favorites and heads back south to the US again. Simply too much natural beauty and great roads to list, go and try it for yourself! ( Image : Bikers enjoying part of the famous Selkirk Loop ; Credit : Wikipedia )

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